Redying of Items

You can now dye any terracotta, glass(_pane), concrete(_powder), wool or carpet into any color. See examples below of how to craft it. Ice is the default material used to turn the colored items back in the the default color.

Thanks to Mushroomtastic for finding and suggesting this plugin!


Halloween Events

Halloween Building Contest

The Halloween Building contest returns this year! Sign up at the link below to be added to the event.

All that enters the event will get the Spider Disguise

1st place: 100k, 100 credits and 10k claim blocks

2nd place: 50k, 50 credits and 8k claim blocks

3rd place: 35k, 35 credits and 5k claim blocks

Sign up here:

Halloween Costume Contest

Your skin can be a self made one or something you downloaded.

1st place: 50k, 50 credits and 5k claim blocks

2nd place: 25k, 25 credits and 2.5k claim blocks

3rd place: 15k, 25 credits and 2k claim blocks

Sign up here:

Both events will end on Sunday October 28th to allow voting until the 31st when the winners will be announced!

Top Voters of September

(SquirtyMcFlirty, pixystix68, Mushroomtastic,

GreyHelm, JedXylon & Cinnamicaldehyde)

Congratulations to  SquirtyMcFlirty  (265 votes) , pixystix68  (254 votes) , Mushroomtastic (203 votes), GreyHelm (201 votes), JedXylon (200 votes) and Cinnamicaldehyde “Salt” (174 votes)  for being the top voters of September!

As a reminder they will be getting /fly and 2x mcmmo xp for the month of October.

Remember to get this perk all you have to do is vote every single day and you too can be top voter of the month!

Updates 9-17-18

XP Bottling has been changed from Sterling to Nestling rank. Right click on any spawner to get xp bottles for the xp you have.

Totems of Undying are now usable inside of your inventory instead of having to hold them to work. The new mob The Guardians drops Totems to introduce into normal play.

Also the addition of /trade “player”. Trade items for items or even add money without having to TP to the other person.

The Second Mall is coming which will introduce mall plots 41 to 60.

Villager Market Plans

Introducing The Villager Market located next to the mall. Not much is planned for this yet but so far planning on selling spawn eggs for peaceful mobs only that maybe hard to get sometimes. I currently have some villagers to test out. The four spawn eggs being sold are Chicken, Cow, Sheep and Pig for 64 diamonds. I plan on doing more eggs soon but may also change the price. Also offering a alternate method of getting stripped wood. Trading with the saw mill villagers a stack of wood logs and an emerald will give you a stack of stripped wood in return.

Im looking for more ideas. Anything can be traded for something. Would like other stuff other then what is currently being sold to breeding villagers  and currency can be any other then emeralds. Can be bones, stone, ore, diamonds, etc.

Click Here: LINK to tell me what your ideas are.

Also im looking for people to build stuff for me. People will be paid for doing builds. I feel this will be the best method as I get building block alot here recently. Besides theres alot of talented builders out there and I really want this server to be a community server.

Job Listings