End And Nether Reset

The End and Nether has been reset. I may do another one before we go to 1.14. I have placed a treasure chest in one of the beacons with a dragon egg in it. The dragon has been respawned since someone already felt the need to kill it.

I am only gonna say this once. If anyone feels the need to rush the end to get all the elytra’s then you will be banned. Be respectful to your other players. This is a multiplayer server and not a single player world.


Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Happy Easter to all of Mystic Chicken!

The Easter Bunny has arrived and left some eggs for the players to find. All eggs are located in spawn and near spawn warps. There are a total of 16 eggs to be found with loot. This is also a chance to check out what all Dragoneith, PronomicalArtist and ProfDWard has been doing with the spawn revamp. Make sure you say a special thank you to them for all of the hard work!


We are now in Pre Release 3. As we have seen in the past this testing could go on for longer as there are bugs to prevent a stable release for java. Im sure there will be alot more releases this week before the full release is out. I really think we might be on 1.14 sometime in May. I also really dont think we will have too many plugin issues this time around. So keep checking back and I will have more 1.14 news as I get it.


We’re now feeling confident enough in the stability and feature-completeness of 1.14 – The Village & Pillage Update – that we’ve decided to enter the pre-release phase. Whilst we know that there are still bugs to be solved and polish to be added, we feel that this version is now good enough that we can ask you all to please help us test and find any issues for a smooth release in a few weeks.


Fixed lots of bugs

Some optimizations

Inside optimize world screen there’s now an option to remove cached world data (e.g. height maps and light), so that it’s recomputed on the next load

Looking For Builders

As I know there are several players on the server who are very talented builders. I am hoping to add more to the server. Sadly I must admit since several staff has been removed for drama I have been overwhelmed in getting things ready for 1.14.

There are so much to do and we need more help. So I am looking to give at least four players of the server a chance to be more then just a player.

So you ask what all will a builder rank get?

Builder Rank in Tab list & Chat

Players will receive a special rank that will not effect their normal rank. As example if you are Nestling plus you will still be that rank plus the builder perks.

Fly Mode & Creative

I would rather not use creative unless its really needed. Would rather buy supplies from other players or the server shop. Fly is and will be strictly for working on builds and not exploring.

World Edit

World Edit will only be available in creative world and flat world unless I work with your directly and feel its safe enough to trust you at all times to not crash the server or anything like that.

Unlimited Homes

You will be able to set unlimited homes for working on server projects only.

10 Personal Vaults

“/pv” or “/pv 1-10” to access for materials or tools for server projects only.

Requirements: Must be active monthly and actually add new things to the server. If you are not active and go missing the rank will be removed. If caught cheating bringing in items for personal use or anyone else all player items will be wiped. As I tell people there are worse things then being banned.

So if you feel like you would be a good person for the server builder please fill out the staff app on the website and select Builder. We are also looking for staff as when 1.14 releases we will have  a ton of new people online.

Top Voters of March

(CaptColt, pixystix68, CodyCyan, Kashkali, Cinnamicaldehyde & Chugger_x)

Congratulations to the above for being the top voters of March!

As a reminder they will be getting /fly and 2x mcmmo xp for the month of April.

Also they will receive 10 Daily keys for being top voters of the month!

Remember to get this perk all you have to do is vote every single day and you too can be top voter of the month!