Donation 2X MCMMO XP Week


Thanks to our most dedicated player SquirtyMcFlirty’s Dontation to the server all players will be getting 2X MCMMO XP until AUG 22nd. So you better get grinding and leveling those levels fast! Also make sure you say thank you to SquirtyMcFlirty when you see her on the server!


We now have a working dynmap! If you are new to this it can be found on the website where it says dynmap. This will open a new window for you to view.

We are slowly getting back to where we was in 1.12. It will just take time for stuff to update with no major bugs!


Player Shops Beta Begins!

So we have got the mall moved over! Big thanks goes to _Koii! Also thanks to Ryu helping to fix the blocks and signs!

Testing is beginning to make sure the plugin works and theres no issues. As many knows we have no world guard still and Im not really sure when we will have a working version. So now we are only left with protecting the mall with claims.

Right now we will be allowing the following ranks to get a shop:






Nestling and Hatchings will be brought on shortly. There are only 20 shops ready until world guard gets updated then we will fix the main shops and add the final 20.

Donation 2X MCMMO XP Week


Thanks to new player DaddyThickness Dontation to the server all players will be getting 2X MCMMO XP until AUG 14th. So you better get grinding and leveling those levels fast! Also make sure you say thank you to DaddyThickness when you see him in the server!

On a side note we now have LWC back. If you had any chests, furnaces, doors or anything else you wanna lock you need to go and /lock them. Using /cpersist and then /lock to punch the stuff you wanna lock will help alot. All chests and furnaces will auto lock when placed by players.

Armored Elytra

This is a very simple plugin that allows you to combine an elytra with a diamond chest plate in an anvil.

If you want to use enchantments the only ones allowed now are Unbreaking, Protections, Curses and Thorns

If you wanna use enchantments, enchant the armor plate first and then combine with elytra. Mending as of now will not go on these. Fixing with Phantom Membranes has not been tested yet.

Top Voters of July

(pixystix68, SquirtyMcFlirty, and CaptColt)

Congratulations to  pixystix68  (over 300 votes),  SquirtyMcFlirty (over 300 votes) and captcolt  (over 250 votes)  for being the top voters of July!

As a reminder they will be getting /fly and 2x mcmmo xp for the month of August.

Remember to get this perk all you have to do is vote every single day and you too can be top voter of the month!


1.13 Updates

We have been on 1.13 for atleast 5 days now. We are slowly getting back to normal. MCMMO and JOBS are both functioning with only some minor bugs which should be fixed soon. Voting rewards are almost back to normal, only thing we are missing is lottery tickets. Speaking of voting we have added Diamonds for the time being and this weekend only money is $1000, $5000 and $10000. We have also made a work around for /spawn and it is now working. We are only missing a few minor plugins but I hope atleast by the middle of next month for things to be back to normal.

As for the vault I have two options. First option which is bringing the multiverse worlds into the game. Last time I tried it we had server issues and the server crashed. Second option would be using a plugin to collect all players goods and then collecting things manually and bringing them over. I will start testing next week. Really wanna wait until we get the mall and spawn in with world edit first before getting vault stuff.

So when I have more to talk about I will fill everyone in on whats going on. Until then have fun exploring on 1.13!

Server Now 1.13

(Temp Spawn made by: Annamingo & Matthias_Ignis)

We are off to a good but slow start. Current available plugins are jobs, /shop, deathchests and griefprotection. We dont have LWC yet so all will have to make sure your chests are in your claim area. If any griefing is done we wont be able to tell who done it as core protect isnt working yet.

We currently have 21 plugins running and only using the main worlds. Vault stuff wont be ready until later until spigot updates. Right now mainly concerned as they said worlds could become corrupt when used right now.

So thats all I have for now. Hopefully more plugins updates soon but we are on 1.13 and making the best of it. So come on in and find your place to call home!