Current State of the Reset

Just wanted to do a quick post about the upcoming update and reset. 1.13 is suppose to be out tomorrow sometime. I would imagine it coming out sometime in the morning hours. Spigot is in testing with a build out for pre release 7. So they are keeping up on things. I expect maybe a full release of spigot 1.13 near the weekend at the latest or next week some time. This is where things will truly begin.

Basically we are in Phase One now. Phase Two and Three should happen pretty fast and most likely within the same day. Phase Four will be shortly after that. I wanna get things updated fast as possible as other servers will be doing that aswell. Sooner the better cause it will only bring in the new generation of people.

Phase One

Players spending remaining cash on the server. This includes using up your remaining lottery tickets and spending that money aswell.

Add remaining items to your vault. Ender chests, Inventories and special backpacks will be wiped. Vault is no closed and not accepting any one new or someone who has had atleast 3+ months to get a vault and make sure your items will be saved.

Phase Two

Once a full spigot 1.13 is released I will make a personal server to test on.

Finding a good world which I will bring in players who are Nestling +. This will include us exploring the map looking for areas thats decent for the spawn and mall.

Testing of main important plugins. We wont have mythic mobs for awhile. jobs and mcmmo may take a few weeks. In the long run it maybe several months before we are back to the normal way of things as we are use to now.

Phase Three

Setting up spawn and the mall. The mall will take the longest to set up because of the region info and signs. Buy region may not be ready when we go live and this also include the /shop plugin. When plugins are updated to 1.13 we will update them in time.

Phase Four

Beginning the reset. Server will be closed to the public.

Current world will be backed up and saved.

Essential files will be deleted as well claims on the map so when coming in new will have all claim blocks and no claims. All player data files containing items will be removed.

Uploading Test server items to main server.

Opening the server up for 1.13. There will be bugs as will any release but im sure we will get through them as we always do.


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