A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot

You’ve already seen the header image. Do we even need to say anything else?


New entity: Dolphins

New block: Conduit

New block: Blue Ice

New item: Heart of the Sea

New item: Nautilus Shell

Icebergs now generate in frozen oceans

You no longer have “night vision” effect underwater

Water now has different colours based on the biome

New video option: Biome blend distance

Going in and out of swimming should now feel smoother

You can now swim through 1×1 holes! Again!

Fog colour underwater now changes much smoother between biomes

Optimized fog rendering

Light now goes much further through liquid blocks


It’s happening!

Spawns in any ocean that isn’t frozen

They’re just cute, okay?

Dolphins are very playful and love floating items

They also love to chase after boats

If you upset one, you upset them all

More behaviours coming soon


Blubb blubb blubb blubb

Water now only blocks 1 light per block, instead of 3

This only affects newly placed water – we will relight all chunks in an upcoming snapshot

Every ocean biome has a unique water colour, and swamps are icky and gross

In newly generated chunks, you’re less likely to find frozen ocean next to warm ocean (and similar)




I’m not sure.

What is this?

Where are we?


MC-25866 – Splash Potion of Saturation has no effect

MC-63714 – Zombie Pigmen get angry when hit in creative

MC-121479 – Clicking on world, save and quit to title and quit buttons freeze the game for a second

MC-122354 – Flying with elytra crash game / kicks player

MC-123585 – Closing world while debug pie chart is open causes crash

MC-123853 – Mobs don’t burn when standing in double plants/cobweb

MC-124906 – Underground lava and water lakes and mob spawners generate with air instead of Cave air (cave_air)

MC-124915 – /locate and eye of ender find strongholds in invalid places

MC-124918 – Biome-specific structures generate at wrong biomes in superflat

MC-124953 – Vines generate beneath jungle at y-level 64

MC-125083 – New world generator doesn’t generate snow on trees in snow biomes

MC-125106 – Liquids in generated structures don’t update

MC-125188 – Releasing the sprint button will no longer stop sprinting until you touch the ground

MC-125195 – Spectator mode will still allow the swimming animations

MC-125219 – Logs do not retain their rotation when stripping them

MC-125240 – Player is unable to swim through one-high water with a solid block above

MC-125530 – Swimming while touching ground shakes viewport if View Bobbing is enabled

MC-125578 – Splash turtle potions missing “splash” in translation

MC-125579 – Tipped turtle potion arrows inconsistently capitalize “The”

MC-126087 – In creative mode, fish buckets are used when placing the fish

MC-126097 – Will not drop the grilled fish, when cod and salmon are burned to death

MC-126185 – Fish unrestricted spawning causing world to inevitably crash from the number of entities

MC-126557 – Sea grass, kelp and coral can be generated on crevices

MC-127276 – Zombie transform to Drowned in less than waist-high water


To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Launch Options” tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.


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