You look tired. When’s the last time you got a decent night’s rest? Bad things happen to those who don’t sleep… they start to hallucinate, and see what’s really there.

  • Spawns in the overworld and the end
  • Attacks players who haven’t slept in a while
  • Drops leather, but this may change


The turtle moves.

  • Spawns on warm beaches, but this is temporary
  • Will lay eggs in their home beach
  • You can craft pieces of their old shell into one big shell
    • And wear it on your head!
    • Or craft it into a potion!
    • Turtles are known for their strength, not their speed
  • Please be kind to turtles. They hold up the world.


The green in the blue!

  • Seagrass generates in all oceans, but this is temporary
  • Kelp doesn’t generate in deep oceans, but this is temporary
  • Kelp can be smelted to get dry kelp
    • A tasty snack for the ocean adventurer!
    • Or a convenient way to fuel more smelting
    • Or just store it away into a dried kelp block


Blub blub blub blub.

  • Doesn’t generate anywhere currently
  • Occurs when a magma block is in water
  • Watch out, you’ll get sucked under!
  • A good way to breath without cheating game mechanics 😉


Go ahead, axe us a question.

  • You can strip logs by using an axe on them (right-click)
  • Stripped logs act like regular logs in furnaces, crafting, etc
  • They look neat!


Some say that throwing your only weapon away is a bad idea. We disagree.

  • Right click to throw the trident
  • Left click to melee
  • Currently unobtainable in survival, that will change
  • Super overpowered, we’ll balance them later
  • Has 4 available enchantments
    • Loyalty: Your trident will come back to you. Spoil-sport.
    • Impaling: Very useful against creatures of the sea.
    • Riptide: Gotta go fast.
    • Channeling: We’re not sure. It’s pretty spooky.
  • UI icon is not yet implemented

Sea Temple Slabs and Steps



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