Statement from Zappa

With recent events im afraid I must address the recent removal of staff. First off this is my server and if you feel like your entitled to something from the server then I must ask you to leave now. I pay and do all the maintenance of the server myself. Some has helped out here and there but has not really stepped up fully. If you feel like you have a right to be here then you are not wanted either. Its a privilege not a right to be here. I dont owe anyone anything im sorry.

So what got everyone so upset was me giving a player and showing them the inner workings of the server my server. Also prior to all this I was thinking very seriously removing all staff or just closing the server down completely. I have been doing this for the last four years and within the last year theres been alot of drama. Its a game get over it. If you dont want to be here then there are a million more servers for you to choose from. So yes I banned them from all areas of the website, discord and server. Then there friends decided to start to cause drama so I banned them too. And if anyone else comes in wanting to cause drama guess what im gonna ban them too. Why you ask? Cause its my server and I allow whom I want to be here. So if your causing drama and problems you are gone.

I dont want or need drama in my life so If you wanna relive your teenage years of high school in a video game and have no better thing to do I’d suggest you to go ahead and leave now or I will help show you the exit.

Now to those here that keeps to themselves and enjoys playing here this has nothing to do with you. Certain people feels like its their job to bring this server down. I too like the rest enjoy playing this game with others but when it becomes too much cause of drama then its time to get rid of  the cause of it. Like I said earlier I owe no one anything and its not gonna hurt my feelings cause you dont wanna be here.

With that said its time to move on. 1.13 will likely be out soon and thats gonna cause enough headaches to deal with. Also plan on bringing a few new things to the server soon which all who plays here will enjoy.  So thank you for your support and lets make 2018 a great year for the server!


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